Two new sessions of Your Best Year Yet 2023 just added!

I’ve just added two additional sessions of Your Best Year Yet 2023 for this Thursday (7:30 pm ET) and Friday (12 pm ET), so if you’ve been wishing you’d signed up last week, you’ve got two new chances!

Your Best Year Yet 2023 is live, online one-hour guided workshop led by me (financial author/organizer Angele McQuade) to help you reflect on, celebrate, and release 2022; discover your biggest goals and dreams for 2023; and identify all kinds of financial loose ends distracting you from your truest joy, all for only $23.

Are you a woman who…

  • Feels like you should have some way of reflecting over the past year as you set intentions for this new year, but still aren’t sure where to start?
  • Feels disappointed by how much you didn’t get finished in 2022, even though you felt like you were busier than ever?
  • Feels so exhausted by 2022 (and to be honest, 2021 and 2020, too) that you don’t even want to look back?
  • Feels resistance to working on 2023 goals when 2022 still feels unfinished?
  • Feels embarrassed to dream big dreams, because who are you to be allowed to want those kinds of things, anyway?
  • Is eager to celebrate your 2022 successes and accomplishments but could use some help remembering exactly what they were?
  • Yearns for some hope, some sense there’s something in your control, even when your home and work life and the world in general seem to be spinning out of control?

We live in a world that’s exhausting on so many levels, where the push to go go go never seems to stop. Not giving yourself the time and space to deeply reflect, celebrate, and dream big dreams can leave you feeling unseen, deflated, adrift.

  • You deserve celebration, even if you feel like you didn’t accomplish nearly enough. (Guess what—you probably did a lot more than you’re giving yourself credit for!)
  • You deserve recognition for all you did accomplish, even if no one else gives it to you.
  • You deserve time and space dedicated solely to discovering what you most want and need in 2023.
  • You deserve a few minutes to yourself to uncover what’s really weighing you down, decide what you want to do about it, and find support to make that happen.

Your Best Year Yet 2023 is an invitation to dream big, to find inspiration and direction. It’s also an opportunity to think small, by identifying the tiny needlepricks of all those little things (especially the money-related ones) you’ve been needing to get done for so long. Wouldn’t it feel great to lift the overwhelm of the unknown by finding clarity in what needs to be done now, and the closure of recognizing what you can safely let go of forever?

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Your Best Year Yet 2023 is a live, one-hour online guided session for women and non-binary people, filled with introspective questions and prompts that will give you time and space to…

  • Review and reflect on your 2022 to help you discover what you loved about your year, what you wish had been different, and what you’ve already started to create that you can continue to build on this coming year
  • Set inspiring new goals and dream big dreams (especially financial ones) for 2023
  • Share—if you want—and refine your personal, professional, and especially your financial 2023 goals and dreams with other women yearning for the same clarity and support
  • Ask me any questions that might help you start working toward your financial goals and dreams even faster

By the end of Your Best Year Yet, you’ll feel proud of all the 2022 successes and accomplishments you’ve identified and be closer to letting go of any still-lingering regrets or disappointment. You’ll also feel lighter after casting off the weight of uncertainty and overwhelm thanks to identifying your most nagging loose ends, and you’ll leave inspired for 2023 thanks to your new list of goals and dreams, plus concrete steps to turn them into reality.

You’ll find even more details in my previous post, or, if this all sounds good to you,

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