Upcoming events in the Washington, D.C. area:

New classes to be announced soon! If you’d like to be added to Angele’s class announcement list, please send a request through the Contact form below.

About Angele: Angele McQuade is the author of two non-fiction books including Investment Clubs for Dummies, as well as novels for kids and teens. She is the monthly Book Value columnist for Better Investing magazine, where she has published over two hundred reviews, profiles, features, cover stories, and other articles since 2000. Angele lives in the Washington, D.C. area, where she teaches writing classes and leads guided Word Walks for writers and artists.

Past events in Berlin, Germany:

(15 June, 2013) The Three Act Story Structure: Let’s Talk Story
This two-plus hour interactive workshop takes our exploration of the Three Act Story Structure to the extreme as we talk our way through an entire film. You’ll be able to observe (and practice identifying) the story elements we’ve been talking about over the arc of an entire story. You’ll also be introduced to more screenwriting tricks and tools that can help you bring more life to your own novel.

(25 May 2013) The Three Act Story Structure: Act II, Part One
This two-hour interactive workshop (second in the Three Act Structure series) will use scenes from recent films to more deeply explore the story elements often included in the first half of Act II up to the Midpoint. You’ll learn in greater detail why this storytelling structure is so popular and how you can use the secrets of screenplays to discover and strengthen the plot of your own novel. 25 May 2013, 4-6:00 p.m. (16:00 –  18:00)

(27 April 2013) The Three Act Story Structure: Bringing the Magic of the Screenplay to Your Novel This two-hour interactive workshop that will introduce you to the basics of the three act/eight sequence structure used in many screenplays. You’ll learn why this form is so popular and how you can use the secrets of screenplays to discover and strengthen the plot of your own novel. 27 April 2013 (Saturday/Samstag), 4-6:00 p.m. (16:00 –  18:00)


Rüdi-Net LESEFEST, 23 March 2013, Berlin, Germany

Come hear Angele’s talk What an American Author Loves About Living in Berlin , a part of the Rüdi-Net LESEFEST on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at the IBZ Clubraum, Wiesbadener Strasse 18 in the Rüdesheimer Platz neighborhood in Wilmersdorf, Berlin (U3: Rüdesheimer Platz). Angele will repeat her talk hourly at 16.00, 17.00, 18.00 and 19.00. Rumor has it there will be coffee and cake available, too!

You can find a complete schedule, list of participating authors and many more details on the two-day LESEFEST here.

Do You Have a Book Inside You? Saturday Workshop Series

Feb IBZ writing workshopWill 2013 be the year you finally write the book you know you have inside? Join American author Angele McQuade for a four-part series of interactive workshops designed to help you discover the kind of book you’d like to write and then set you on the path to start it. Whether you’re interested in writing for adults or children, fiction or non-fiction, essays or novels, Angele will help you uncover the ideas you’re most interested in and then learn how to begin to turn them into a book.

Dates: Saturdays 19 January, 2 February, 16 February, 2 March, 2013

26012013-workshop IBZ Story

26 January 2013: An Afternoon of Story Fun for Young Readers and Writers!

When twelve-year old Gareth Gathright discovers an ancient alligator tooth that gives him whatever skill he wants, the question isn’t what should he ask for next – it’s what the tooth will ask for in return…

Join American author Angele McQuade for a reading from her in-progress children’s novel The Curse of the Ancient Alligator, a Faust-inspired tale of suspense and adventure. As a part of the reading, Angele will lead her young audience through an interactive (and sometimes silly!) introduction to some of the most essential elements of a page-turning story.

Language: The reading and activities will be in English but readers and writers of any language will be warmly welcomed.

Want to get book an event with Angele? Write away…