#LoveIsEverywhere 10.9.21

I often find hearts in unexpected places, and each one reminds me that love is everywhere. I hope these hearts inspire you to look for the unexpected love in your world, too.


#LoveIsEverywhere – the beginning

Photo credit: Angele McQuade

Someone asked me the other day when and how I first started posting my #LoveIsEverywhere hearts, and I honestly couldn’t remember. I just looked back through the archives here, and I believe this may have been the first one, way back in November of 2014.

During these past two and a half weeks I’ve been in California shepherding my father through his final week at home and now mourning his loss/celebrating his life, so many of you have sent your own examples of #LoveIsEverywhere to me publicly and privately. Since words can barely express say how very much my family and I appreciate your love and support, today seems like the perfect time to revisit how it all began. Thank you, and know that I love you all, too.

From November 2014:

I see hearts in unexpected places all the time as I go about my day, and they always remind me that love is everywhere. Sharing some of these hearts here with you is one of the many ways I aim to send love right back out into the world as often as I can.

Found this hidden symbol of love while slicing apples for my own love’s lunch, and that got me looking for love everywhere. Stay tuned for more!