The 55th thing I love about living in Berlin…

sbah sunr

Seeing the city in a new light.

Friends from Florida came to visit last week and one of them arrived by train at Berlin’s Hauptbanhof (main train station) early last Saturday morning. Right before the S-Bahn (local train) I was taking to meet him pulled into the main station, the sun peeked up over the horizon and dappled my mostly-empty train car with a fleece-soft golden light.

There’s a definite lack of horizon in our neighborhood due to all the stately apartment buildings, so this was the first true sunrise I’d seen since moving to Berlin last July. It was worth the wait.

Once I arrived at the Hauptbanhof, I flew up to the glass-walled top floor to revel in the glowing view a few minutes, then headed downstairs to meet our friend’s train. Though the sky grew increasingly gray as the day progressed, just the thought of its shiny beginning kept the glow alive inside me until night fell once again.


The 54th thing I love about living in Berlin…

crunchy sno

Crunchy snow walking.

I walked to the grocery store after dark (you know, 4:30 pm or so) last night and despite the below-freezing wind, I grinned like silly the entire trip simply because of the sound and the feel of the schnee (snow to you, unless you’re German) underfoot.

It had snowed off and on all morning. which resulted in a two to three inch blanket of white stuff in the grassy areas by afternoon. While the sidewalks weren’t quite as coated by the time I set out, there was enough snow on the ground to produce a delightful crunch with each bootfall. It’s been years since I’ve had that pleasure (Christmas in the Swiss Alps two years ago, to be precise) and even more years since we’ve lived in a place where this was an everyday occurrence, and oh my, have I missed it!

Lucky me that it’s only early December as I’m very much looking forward to many more crunch-filled walks this winter. In fact, if I hurry, I may even have enough time for a lovely long stroll while there’s still a little daylight left in today…