The 2nd thing I love about visiting Huntington Beach, CA…

HBsurfersunThe ocean.

The Pacific Ocean, to be specific. And the sand and tidepools and cliffs and bluffs and surfers and swimmers and body-boarders and toe-dippers and piers and sandy towels and sunscreen (so much sunscreen) and wind and seagulls and sunsets and tar (okay, maybe not the tar) and lifeguard stations and dolphins and grunion runs (when the midnight moon is right) and whale watching excursions and the outline of Catalina Island 26 miles away, but only when the view is clear enough.

That’s why, whenever I get back to Huntington Beach, my very highest priority (after hugging my family, of course) is to get myself down to the ocean, dig my toes in the wet sand, and walk along the waveline until I once again feel the connection that tells me I’m home.