Angele’s Books


Angele’s first book, Investment Clubs for Dummies (named one of the Best Investment Books of 2002 by Barron’s), was published by John Wiley & Sons as part of the best-selling Dummies series. Here’s the official jacket copy:

Filled with tips and humor, Investment Clubs for Dummies covers the legal, financial, and organizational issues of starting a club, and then shows you how to keep up the interest of your members. Authors Douglas Gerlach and Angele McQuade include suggested educational activities and guidelines for stock research, and much more!

Angele’s second book, Introduction to Successful Investing, is part of the BetterInvesting book series. Here’s that jacket copy, too, in case you’re curious: A practical guide to investing the BetterInvesting way, outlining an easy-to-understand approach to personal wealth building. McQuade’s book teaches beginning investors how to start and maintain a successful long-term investment program.

Angele is the monthly Book Value columnist for BetterInvesting magazine, and has published more than 300 cover articles, features, book reviews, and profiles in the magazine since 2000.


Angele also writes picture books and novels for children. She is represented by Jennifer Laughran of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

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