Introducing my new financial co-work/accountability program: “From Dread to DONE: Clearing Up Your Money Must-Dos”

We all have evergreen lists of money must-dos, those tasks that show up month after month (sometimes year after year) that we really, really need to do but never actually get started on because there’s no due date, or they just feel too overwhelming. (Estate planning, anyone?)

From Dread to DONE: Clearing Up Your Money Must-Dos is a seven-week online co-work and accountability program led by me, financial author Angele McQuade. I’ve designed this program to help overwhelmed women (maybe that’s you?) move from dread to done with the financial tasks they’ve been putting off far too long—and have some fun along the way, too.

Maybe your money must-dos include pulling together your taxes, updating beneficiaries on your investments and insurance policies, finally starting to track your spending, taking care of money for an aging parent, or something else entirely. The list can feel endless, and the weight of all the financial things we’re supposed to do can keep you stuck in place. Trust me, I’ve been there, too. Then I discovered how much lighter my list feels and how much I actually enjoy taking care of things when I’m working in the company of other women.

When the pandemic started, I yearned for a way to recreate the same ease and productive joy I got working alongside writer friends in coffee shops, so I created an online co-work group for writers that grew to more than seventy members. Now I’m bringing that same productive, supportive energy to any woman looking to make progress on her constantly-growing list of important financial tasks that never seem to actually make it onto a calendar.

The Spring 2023 session of From Dread to DONE: Clearing Up Your Money Must-Dos runs March 15 – April 30, with a minimum of five (often more) hours of live Zoom co-work sessions each week, plus unlimited use of recorded sessions on demand. This group is productivity-focused; each live session, you’ll be working on your own choice of tasks in the company of other women working on theirs, with expert guidance and structure from me always available when you need it. There will also be two open Q&A calls, and plenty of other opportunities to get answers to your most pressing questions straight from me.

Each week, you’ll have access to two live 110-minute co-work sessions personally led by me on Zoom. You’ll also have access to at least two—and often more—60-minute “deep focus” pop-up sessions with me each week, with email/text notifications at least six hours in advance (the night before for any the next morning).

The exact times for all co-work sessions will be based on the group members’ most available times each particular week. If you’re ever unable to attend sessions live or would like even more work time, you’ll always have on-demand access to videos of me leading both versions of the co-work sessions. These videos will be available for your use at any time during the program.

Our Zoom co-work sessions are informal and flexible. Come and go according to your own schedule, and leave your video on or off. Work on your taxes, your budget, your investments, your paper organizing, your parent’s finances, or something else entirely—it’s totally up to you! My only goal is to help you lift the weight of the financial tasks taking up too much space in your head and heart, those heavy money “must dos” keeping you from living with the joy and ease you desire.

This program also includes two live one-hour Q&A sessions (date and time based on group member availability). During these open Q&As, you can ask me any questions you have about organizing your financial paperwork, tackling larger financial projects like wills and other estate planning documents, setting up systems and checklists to streamline your financial management tasks, and other related topics. Can’t attend live? Just submit your questions in advance. A password-protected replay will be available to all group members for ten days.

Tell me if any of these feel familiar…

  • You freeze up whenever it’s time to get started on any big financial task (like your taxes or retirement planning).
  • You’re so overwhelmed by all that needs to be done that you avoid even opening your financial statements and emails.
  • You’re ready to get started but need an actual appointment on your calendar to stay accountable.
  • You love the idea of taking care of tedious financial tasks with a fun, supportive group of busy women also working on the same kinds of things.

The supportive co-working community you’ll find in From Dread to DONE is my invitation to begin lifting the overwhelm you’re feeling in your financial life, to find clarity by recognizing which money tasks most need to be done now, and which you might actually be able to let go of forever. If you decide to join, I’m confident that by the end of our time together, you’ll have made substantial progress on your money “must-do” list, all with less stress and a lot more joy than you ever imagined possible.

You’ll also have learned all kinds of strategies, systems, resources, checklists, and tools (like my “Money Magic” notebook) to help streamline your financial life, letting you shift that time to things that bring you greater happiness. As an extra bonus, if you earn any kind of self-employment income, the entire cost of this program is a tax-deductible business expense.

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Q: Why co-work? What does that give me I can’t get by working on my own?

A: If you’ve never been in a supportive, uplifting co-work group before, it’s hard to describe how amazing this kind of community can be, and how much more productive your time gets as you work on your own priorities immersed in the collective energy of other women working on priorities of their own. Co-work sessions also give you a chance to share not just your progress, but also your frustrations and questions with people who truly understand where you’re at and how much it means to finally start making progress on those “been on my list for years” money must-dos.

Q: How do the co-work sessions work?

A: Each Friday, I’ll email the co-work schedule for the upcoming week based on the times most requested by group members as a whole. Each week I’ll host two 110-minute scheduled sessions and at least two (usually more) “pop-up” 60 minute “deep focus” sessions. You’ll get an email and/or text at least 6 hours before these pop-ups (the night before if it’s a morning session), and you’ll also always have access to recorded sessions of both types.

At the beginning of each co-work session, we’ll share our goals with the group. You’ll also have an opportunity to voice any fears or anxiety surrounding your chosen tasks, and ask me any questions you might have about working on your chosen tasks for the day. The 110 minute session with have three work blocks, and the 60 minute session will be one, longer work block to allow for deeper focus if desired. You’re welcome to ask me any questions that might come up during the work blocks, and you can mute the room at any time if you’d prefer quiet that day.

At the end of each session, we’ll each document what we did on our tasks and create a “next steps” list so we can quickly jump right back into productive work the following session. We’ll also quickly share and celebrate each other’s successes, because that’s a hugely important (and fun!) part of working together in community, too!

Q: Will you be teaching “lessons” during the co-work sessions?

A: While there won’t be any formal syllabus or set educational topics during our co-work times, I’ll definitely be teaching all kinds of financial organization tips and strategies and giving guidance on the logistics of how to best make progress on your money must-dos, all based on what you (and your fellow co-workers) need most. Have questions? Bring them to the co-work sessions and I’ll answer as we go! You can also bring (or email) your questions to our live monthly Q&A sessions, where I’ll happily share everything I know on whatever financial or organizing topic you need help with. The only kinds of questions I won’t tackle are things like specific investments or tax moves to make—save those for your financial, tax, and legal advisors!

Q: What if I’m not sure what to work on?

A: Don’t worry, I have plenty of ideas for you! Before our first session, I’ll send out a special list I’ve created just for this co-working program filled with all kinds of financial tasks you might want to focus on, including some you may never have thought of.

Q: Can I work on something that isn’t financial?

A: Of course! Though our main focus will be money must-dos, you’re welcome to work on any kind of project that’s weighing you down.

Q: Can I join after the March 15 start date?
A: Absolutely! You can join any time until the program closes on April 30. (The cost stays the same regardless of when you register.)

Q: Can I get a refund if I change my mind or don’t show up?

A: This program is non-refundable. By signing up, you’re making a promise to your future self that you’re serious about getting these financial things done. Whether or not you follow through is up to you; I’ll be there every session cheering you and everyone else on!

Q: What if I can’t attend live? Will the sessions be recorded?

A: For privacy, live co-work sessions won’t be recorded, but you’ll have on-demand access to recorded videos of both the 110-minute sessions as well as the 60-minute “deep focus” sessions (both led by me with all the prompts and planning/next steps sections included in the live sessions). The monthly Q&A sessions will be recorded, with a password-protected replay available for ten days.

Q: Wait, remind me why there aren’t any actual times listed for the co-work sessions?

A: Great question! My goal is to create a schedule with the best chance of attendance for everyone, so I’ll ask all group members each week about their availability and time preferences for the following week, then create the schedule based on that information.

More questions? Email me at and I’ll answer them today!

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Why choose me to work with?

I’m a money expert who’s published two financial books (including Investment Clubs for Dummies), with a third on the way later this year. I’ve been a monthly columnist for BetterInvesting magazine for more than 20 years and have taught on financial topics (including the deep connection between money and creativity) online and at live events across the United States. I also do financial organizing for private clients, and will be offering other guided accountability programs focusing on finalizing your estate planning, tidying up money-related loose ends, and general financial organizing later this year.

Beyond those professional qualifications, I’ve managed my own family’s finances and investments over the decades through years both tight and fruitful. Wherever you are right now—whether that’s helping your parents with their finances; juggling college savings and other expenses for your kids; exploring life on your own or as an empty-nester; figuring out the best investment strategies for your retirement; dealing with moving, job loss, divorce, or other major life transitions; struggling with fixed costs that are more than you can afford; looking at unexpected money you’re not sure what to do with (and maybe feel a little guilty about having when others have less); starting a new business; dreaming big dreams you’re not sure you deserve—I’ve probably been somewhere similar, and I’d love to help you dream, plan, and make your way through it.

I can’t wait to watch your never-ending financial to do list get shorter and shorter and your new list of completed tasks grow longer and longer as together we move from dread to DONE! Ready to join me? You’ll find all the details to sign up here…


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