The 4th thing I love about living in Arlington, VA…

Nico, Jessica, Diana, and Jon

Local books and local writers.

(SO MANY local writers!)

One of the things I love most about our new library is how many events it hosts. Of course, the speakers I’m most interested in are the writers, especially those writing young adult (or YA–you may have heard of it by now?) novels for teens.

You can probably imagine how excited I was to learn about a new writing series (Shut Up and Write) created by local writers Jessica Spotswood and Jon Skovron and made possible by superstar librarian Nico Piro. The first panel featured Jessica, Nico, and author Diana Peterfreund (killer unicorns!) in a terrific discussion on writing moderated by Jon.

The audience was pretty terrific, too, and I was thrilled to squeeze in a bit more chatting time with some fellow YA writers I’d met at book signings (more on those later!) the month before.

It didn’t take me long after moving to Arlington to realize there are more book and writing events in the DC area than I could ever hope to attend. Not that I’m complaining.

Nope, not even one bit.

The 1st thing I love about living in Arlington, VA…

It was really hard to move away from Berlin at the end of July 2013. Really, REALLY hard. So hard that I’m not sure I could fully describe the sadness we felt on leaving if I devoted twenty posts to it.

BUT…leaving places you adore is part of the deal when you’re blessed with a nomadic life of adventure, and so begins my new list of all the wonderful, delightful things I love about living in our brand-new adopted hometown of (enthusiastic drum roll, please) Arlington, Virginia!

Before you start assuming I’m about to expound on how amazing it is to live so close to our nation’s capital, it’s not amazing enough to be number one on my list. That special honor is reserved for something I’ve dreamed of even before I could read (yeah, we’re talking decades): living within easy walking distance of a library.

See that beautiful building up there? It’s the Central Branch of the Arlington Public Library system and it’s mine, ALL MINE!!! Okay, I do (generously) share it with thousands of others, but the little girl inside me who used to have to wait oh-so-impatiently until someone would drive her to the library each week is absolutely giddy to now live only a few minutes away from such a beautiful bounty of books.

And the librarians, OH the librarians…but that’s another love of mine you’ll just have to wait for.

Hey Motley Fool, thanks for saying nice things about my first book!

investing to grow income

It’s always nice getting a little press of my own even if it is for a book that’s now more than a decade old.

Curious to hear what The Motley Fool said about Investment Clubs for Dummies (co-written by Douglas Gerlach and yours truly) in TMF’s syndicated newspaper column? Read all about it here!