Things I’ve Seen From Our Balcony

Armored car guards picking up a deposit from a nearby restaurant.

A wasp nest high up in a tree across the way.

A group of very loud, very official (possibly even Presidential?)-looking helicopters.

A large group of children playing a swimming-pool-free variation of Marco Polo in a nearby courtyard.

Workmen using our balcony as a staging area for repair work on a balcony a few floors above.

A very flattened blue-striped work glove, obviously run over multiple times.

Crows, or maybe ravens? I don’t know which but I would like to because sometimes they quite companionably hang out on our balcony railing and I feel it’s rather rude not to know their proper name. I’ll try to get a picture and then maybe you can help.

A mother stopping along the sidewalk to take a picture of her toddler walking between his grandparents, his tiny arms outstretched to hold their hands.

Trumpet vines with beautiful little orange-red blossoms.

A FedEx truck.

A moving truck unloading crates from Austria. (Wilkommen!)

The flickering light from unseen TV screens in faraway high-rises.

notfuAn almost full moon, both behind clouds and in front of them.

A man on a higher floor of the building next door standing in front of his window eating cereal and peering quite inquisitively into our apartment. (Our new curtains arrived shortly thereafter, thank goodness.)


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