The 63rd thing I love about living in Berlin…

Somewhere, out there...
Somewhere, out there…

The mystery of the Tuesday morning mini-mariachi serenade.

Six or seven times now since moving to Berlin, I’ve heard live mariachi-style music coming from not too far down our street. It wasn’t until the third time that I realized the music wasn’t some random event, and so I started paying attention.

The first detail I noticed was that it seems to happen only on Tuesday mornings. Early last Tuesday morning, I made sure to open the windows wide so I wouldn’t miss it like I had on previous weeks.

This turned out to be an excellent fact-finding strategy. With the windows open, I heard the music the moment it started and quickly wrote down the time (10:28 am, in case you’re wondering). While I listened,  I also made a note on my calendar so I’d remember to be waiting the following Tuesday.

The following Tuesday was yesterday, and was I ever ready!

Once again, the music started just before 10:30. I leaned waaaay out our second-story window to get a better sense of where it might be coming from but the best I could determine was down a side street two blocks away. From that distance, I can’t ever tell if the solo instrument being played is a trumpet (my suspicion) or a trombone but it’s definitely something in the brass family.

Though the street we live on is only one lane in each direction, car and bus (and sometimes plane) traffic is steady enough to block the music except for brief moments, which makes my detective work a bit more difficult.

Still, I’ve learned a few more things.

  • The music itself never lasts more than ten minutes, an oddly short duration that, to my ears, only heightens the intrigue enveloping this mid-morning mystery.
  • Though I at first assumed I was overhearing someone’s practice session or lesson, the growing body of aural evidence (no scales, no warm up, just right into the music) leads me to believe my initial theory is incorrect.

While I’ve certainly made some progress on my quest these past two weeks, there are still many elements of this mystery left to uncover. Who? What? Where? Why?

No, really:


It should be no mystery, then, that my new plan is to be out on that side street no later than 10:25 next Tuesday morning.

Stay tuned, and keep your ears open…

4 thoughts on “The 63rd thing I love about living in Berlin…

  1. Hi from HB, Jean 1942.
    I would record the music that you hear and when their music ends, I would play it back to the musician and wait.


  2. If you go to Settings: Sharing you can add a Pinterest Share button. I want to Pin some of your posts. Thanks.

    I shared this with my students today. You rule. I’m so proud we share DNA.


  3. Hi Angele,
    I love this music also very much!! I hope you don’t mind me enlightening the mystery – its walking streat musicians. I think Gypsies. They probably have a schedule, when to walk which street – and they wil be very happy if you give them some coins for the pleasure they provide you with. This is actually very traditional in Berlin you should google “Leierkastenmann” , these guys did walk the streets to make there living 100 years ago. Sometimes you see them on street festvities.


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