The 60th thing I love about living in Berlin…plus a bonus 61st!

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Seeing the sun again!

Apparently this has been the most sunlight-deficient winter in Germany in decades, and we’ve definitely noticed. The last few months, it hasn’t been uncommon to go weeks (yes, that’s weeks) with only a few hours of sunlight total.

We’re great fans of winter, though, and we’ve lived in some pretty overcast places before (Ithaca, anyone?) so of course we knew to expect nowhere near as many of those blindingly blueblueblue winter skies we’d gotten spoiled by the past five years in Florida.

Overall, it’s been a magical season of chilly days and Christmas Markets and fat fluffy snowflakes, plus some beautiful road and train trips all around Germany and even into France and Austria. This opportunity to bundle up and experience a northern winter again is definitely one of my favorite things about living in Berlin. (Let’s just go ahead and officially make that #61, shall we?)

Still, while gray may be one of my favorite colors, there’s a lot to be said for even just a bit of some other hue sprinkled into the climatological record.

Looks like all that darkness may already be a memory, though, as those weather-trend expert people are predicting an even sunnier spring than usual here in Berlin. With all the glorious gold-tinged light we’ve been basking in the past two days, it feels like Mother Nature’s spreading her arms wide to welcome us to spring with a great big sunshiny hug a few weeks early.

And for that, I’ll continue lifting my face to the sky along with millions of my German neighbors, adding in a little whispered Danke every time I do.

One thought on “The 60th thing I love about living in Berlin…plus a bonus 61st!

  1. Here’s wishing you more sun or partially sun filled days. Being native CA’s it’s pretty hard to put up with too many gray days – two to three are about my limit.


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