The 59th thing I love about living in Berlin…



One thing I quickly learned after moving to Germany is that Berliners — or at least those in charge of buying store inventory — are big fans of the pocket tissue (Taschentuch). Our local grocery stores stock only a few types of tissues in boxes but a huge variety of small travel tissue packs.

In the US, boxes take up a majority of the tissue shelf space and pocket tissue packs tend to be far more expensive per tissue. That’s not the case here, where I have very limited options in tissues-by-the-box but inexpensive Taschentücher mini-packs galore.

I wasn’t an easy convert but now I love having that 10 or 12 pack of pocket tissues around, especially during this drippy-nose chilly time of year. Another benefit of German tissues? They’re thick, like two or three or even four ply thick, more than sturdy enough for whatever duty they might be called upon to perform.

And trust me, that comes in handy. Especially when one unexpectedly ends up at the cinema watching a movie US tissues might not stand up to.

But more on that next time…


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