The 42nd thing I love about living in Berlin…

That I’ve now seen as many movies in the theater here in the past week as I did all last year in the U.S.

While the total number of movies seen here (two) is pathetically small, going out to the movies is one of my favorite things in life and so even two is something to celebrate.

The lighting in this photo isn’t ideal (I didn’t want to disturb my fellow theater-goers with flash), but that sparkly silver thing there is a very lovely screen curtain. When it finally rolled open and the lights dimmed, I felt the thrill of the coming cinematic adventure from the top of my head (cradled by a very cushy seat back) to the soles of my feet (resting on a surprisingly non-sticky floor).

It didn’t matter that the trailers were all in German or that I’d already seen the movie (Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson’s latest). I wasn’t even bothered by the German subtitles accompanying this American film (most English movies are dubbed in German before playing here, so it was a treat to watch the original version). In fact, watching an English-language movie with German subtitles turned out to be a great way to pick up new Deutsch vocabulary!

Another lovely thing about going out to the movies here? Being able to buy a beer to enjoy while watching, of course. There are even bottle crates in the side aisles for easy recycling.

Since we now plan on making Kino visits a regular part of life here in Berlin, it’s good to know where to leave the empties…

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  1. Diggin’ on your observations. Why did you choose wordpress for your blog? I’m curious because I’m thinking of starting one to. I love you. Can’t wait to visit.

    – jojo


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