The 39th thing I love about living in Berlin…

Sharing the same air as actress/writer/director Franka Ponte, one of this lovely city’s most famous residents.

I have no idea if she spends much time here these days (she’s been cast in the new season of American Horror Story), but I would be so very delighted to see her and about about in Berlin some day.

The photo here is one I copied from IMDB. I’m not much into borrowing photos without permission but since this picture appears to be a publicity shot, here it is. If you’re so inclined, you can check out a larger view of this photo from the iconic film Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run, in the English translation) but I recommend checking out the film itself if you haven’t already. Truly a classic, and filmed in Berlin!

2 thoughts on “The 39th thing I love about living in Berlin…

  1. Cool! Nena of 99 Luftballon lived in Berlin when the hit single came out. I saw her do an impromptu gig on the KuDamm. Also, they filmed the James Bond flick, Octopussy, when we lived there. Some kids skipped school to watch the filming. I remember there were lots of opportunities to appear as extras in movies that they filmed around Berlin (my younger sister was an extra in a film if I remember correctly) and frequently choir singers from JFKS would be invited to sing as backup choirs for concerts (I presume because movement in/out of Berlin back then was difficult due to the limited number of flights/trains/driving routes from West Germany to Berlin)–one I remember well was Barry Manilow as many of my friends participated in it. U2 was also scheduled to film a video at the Reichstag as part of a free concert when we lived there (May or June 85?). We were all planning to attend but they cancelled at the last minute. However, U2 has studios that they occasionally use there as well so there’s always a chance to catch some glimpses of stars in/around the city. I’ll definitely check out the film you recommended. I love foreign films and even moreso films from/about Berlin!


  2. Bethany, look for The Princess and the Warrior, another Tom Tykwer/Franka Potente film, too. I’m really looking forward to touring 100 year old Studio Babelsburg in Potsdam – lots of movies (not just German, either) still being made there!


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